Bad Vision Position

Does anyone here know what constitutes “Bad Vision Position”? Unclear if it is just present when the camera is unable to be “seen” by the Pixhawk, or if it can also indicate other errors? I’m just unclear on what the definition is. If this is documented somewhere in a Wiki or Readme I apologize, I can’t seem to find it.

Appreciate all the help and patience :slight_smile:

If you are referring to Ir-Lock, than yes, if you enable precision landing and ir-lock, but the system can’t comunicate with the camera than it says bad vision position.


Thanks! I got the error to go away after trying different PLND_BUS values. Really appreciate the help.

I just attempted a precision landing with the IR-LOCK beacon. I put the quad in LAND mode over the beacon. The quad did a nice job landing, but looks like it completely ignored the beacon. Soo… still have to figure that out :frowning:

Did you check logs to see if beacon was acquired?


Want to hear something embarrassing? I forgot to take the lens cap off. Seriously.

Works perfectly now :wink:


Ok, glad it works.

We are using it on one of our machines and works really good.