Bad Proximity Error Message?

I have yet to see this “Bad Proximity” message. I have the Benewake TF3 onboard a PH Orange Cube. The LiDAR is pointing down and is reading correctly for the height of the sensor (39 cm) This is preventing arming. I am attempting to use this for a Terrain Following unit and want it to function similar to R Mckay’s ski resort video.

Please share your parameter file here. Someone will be able to help you then.

Here is the link:

I had a look at this.
The proximity parameters that you have set, are basically used for obstacle avoidance (Simple Avoidance/BendyRuler)
For terrain-following, you don’t need to set these parameters.
Have a close look at the documentation here:

TLDR; Set PRX_TYPE to 0 (unless you put a front-facing range finder/lidar for obstacle avoidance). Otherwise, ardupilot will complain that you asked it to look for a front-facing proximity sensor and no such input was found.

Bingo! That did it. How did I even enable that? Thank you!