Bad Optflow health and Bad LiDar health on RC12?

Hey all,

I installed a PX4flow and Leddar One on my Cube powered quad. I followed all of the instructions. So far the rangefinder seems to work and shows data under sonarrange. The optflow only shows 0s. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I’m on RC12 and the latest beta of MP.

The Leddar one is plugged in on telem 2 if that helps.

Hi @vosair,

Here is the tutorial for using PX4Flow with Ardupilot, you should first read it carefully:

I suggest you do the following steps:

  • Upload firmware PX4Flow via USB (firmware on the link above, not from PX4 or other source)
  • Connect it to Mission Planner and check if you have the image, and you can adjust the lens focus
  • Connect PX4Flow to the Cube, do the calibration steps from the instruction and check the log file to see if you have optical flow data

Hope this will help, I think you currently have a wrong PX4Flow firmware.

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I followed the instructions very carefully, including updating the firmware on the px4 and focusing the lens on MP. Maybe the firmware link is old?

PX4Flow firmware that works with Ardupilot:

Have you done the calibration step and checked if data flash logs have optical flow data, and compared it with gyro value yet? It will make sure that your Cube can read the flow sensor.

One notice is that after you enable optical flow in Mission Planner, you need to restart the Cube to make it work with PX4Flow. If possible, you should try the calibration step again and upload the log here so that I can help you find the problem. Good luck.

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Thanks for the help @nghiajenius

Should the PX4 status LEDs light up when plugged in via I2C? They light up when I plug in via USB, but don’t seem to light up when plugged into the I2C.

Yes, the status LEDs should blink when you power the board, either in I2C or USB.

I’ll try powering from a different 5v source. I wonder why the 5v doesn’t work on my I2C?

I think it should work if you solve the wiring problem, maybe because your i2c port doesn’t supply power. Make sure your wiring is correct!

I think it was a faulty unit. I have 5v on my I2C but the PX4flow wouldn’t seem to power off of it. I tried to power it from USB while plugged into I2C, and it fried it :sweat:

I’m really sorry to hear that! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

If you know of anywhere in the states to get one quickly, please let me know :smiley:

Sorry, I don’t know because I don’t live in the US. Hope you will get a new one soon! Good luck!