Bad Gyro Health in new copter with Pixahwk 2.1

I am building new copter based on pixhawk 2.1 and here+ gps. It will be quite big octo but for now it’s quad with 15" propellers. I have mission planner 1.3.52 and copter firmware 3.5.5. When I am connected to mission planner from time to time I get message “bed gyro health”. It happening almost every time when copter is just laying on the desk and nothing is happening with it. I did accel, level calibration and compass calibration. This info showing only for 1-2 seconds and disappears. I had one test fly and copter was quite steady. I don’t know where to search in log for problems with gyro which parameters I should observe ? For example gyrosq1 is 5 gyrosq3 is 5 but gyrosq2 sometimes is 50. I am quite worried that it’s hardware issue ? How can I check that ? I flashed firmware and did whole procedure of new settings two times and problem still exist :frowning: Anyone any idea what is wrong ?
During this logs I get message bed gyro health:

Info on video:

high gyrosq2

bad gyro health:

I get these randomly on the bench but not in the air, I think sometimes circuits in the house cause it.

Take it to an open field and see if it still does it

So is that normal that you get such info from time to time ?
On open field I also get it on the ground. Until now I was flying for 3-4 minutes because I am afraid that something is wrong with hardware.

Is there anyone who knows what this error message means ? I didn’t found any info :frowning: As I understand it’s only connected with IMU with gyros ? or also with compass ?

Hi Is there anyone who knows what “bad gyro health” means ?
No any info anywhere !!
No any help, no any support ??

The gyro health is set/updated inside the AP_InertialSensor class. Perhaps look there to determine what it means?

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I get info from that this message is not critical and I can fly safely.

Profi cnc in that thread wrote:
"Bad Gyro is a useful message, but it’s a little lacking in what it means.
The initial Gyro calibration happens straight after poweron, before the system warms up…
So try powering on, letting it warm up a bit, then repowering"