Avoidance not working correctly in 3.6

Hello everyone,

First post on this forum so I apologize in advance if I’ve placed this post in the wrong spot, or if it has already been identified and resolved.

I have a liteware lw20 installed as a front facing collision avoidance sensor. The readings appear to be correct when looking at the proximity value on the flight data screen (pressing control f to bring up the menu, then selecting proximity) However when the aircraft flys in loiter and altitude hold I get some unfavorable results to say the least.

In loiter mode the copter banks aggressively regardless of how small of a control input, it does level back out on its own though. In altitude mode the once the copter has been controlled forward (the same direction as the installed sensor) the copter banks backwards as if it sees an obstacle even though there isn’t one present. It then holds this bank until further input is used to stop it. Avoid_angle_max is set to 2000 and this action seems to exceed this parameter.

I have logs downloaded and can provide them upon request. The drone is flying 6s in an X-8 configuration.

Any help would be much appreciated as I have been experiencing this issue since 3.5 and must have something wrong since nothing has changed my results.



If you can post a dataflash log that will help, txs!

I tried to upload the files. It says that I exeeded the maximum file size and suggest a file sharing service. Here is a link to two logs. One is with the prx disabled, the other with it enabled.


Hopefully this works for you!