AUX1 on ORANGE CUBE won't recognize ESC all other (2-6) AUX/ESC are fine

Problem: AUX1 on ORANGE CUBE won’t recognize an ESC. I can plug any ESC into any AUX input other than AUX 1 and the BLHeliSuite can read it fine. If I plug any ESC into AUX1, BLHeliSuite cannot read it. For example, I can plug the ESC that was working fine from AUX2 into AUX1 and BLHeliSuite cannot read that ESC.

In addition, the motor test will run fine in QGroundControl if I plug an ESC into AUX1.

FC - Pixhawk 2.1 Orange Cube
ESC - holybro tekko32 f3 metal esc(65A) - DSHOT150
Software: QGroundControl (ArduPilot), BLHeliSuite - both running on Mac.

Set LOG_DISARMED=1 and share a log. Have you set Servo function right for AUX1?

Here are the BLH and SERVO9 settings.

BLH Settings (1000.6 KB)

I have added settings and log to the thread.

Hey Billy, did you ever find a solution to this? I am having the exact same problem right now! ESCs work fine on any port other than AUX1… Cheers!