AUX PORTS and RELAY SWITCH technical analysis

Hello Everybody,

I have some questions about Pixhawk’s AUX ports,

let’s assume that I’m not using a BEC, after booting pixhawk I thought to find 3.3 v on each of the AUX ports. Especially from AUX 1 to AUX 6. This does not happen.

  1. Do you know why?
  2. somehow have I misunderstood this feature?

In order to have voltage I’m using an UBEC which provides a constant voltage of 5 V.
Ok , this is cool because can provide a secondary power supply system and it can also be used to trigger a camera. Just perfect!

Now I need to use the AUX 6 as a relay switch, I have read the wiki page about relay switch it states tha voltage based on PWM values should vary between 5V and 0V.

I have tried many times but voltage remains constant.
Have I figured the wiki page out badly?
Do you have any advices?