Autotune Yaw Error Rate Poor

Trying to get the best tune possible out of my custom 5" 2S drone (400g auw). While the roll and pitch error rates score really high (26-30), the yaw only acheives 5.5 - 7 after autotune. As far as I can tell, the vibes look really good, filters seem strong, motor RPMs are in check, nothing is loose and nothing is touching the motors, props are good. The drone flies really well otherwise. Just trying to correct for some overshoot and noticed the yaw vs desired yaw wasn’t ideal during a mission, which leads me here.
Attached BIN has IMU samples as well, so you can check that out as well.
It was a bit windy (gust of 2-3m/s) during my autotune today, but have received a similar yaw error rate during a dead wind autotune session.

Any help would be appreciated!


I find Autotune gives a very conservative value for ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX and it appears like there’s overshoot and undershoot in Yaw maneuvers. You could safely try increasing the autotuned value by 50% and see how that goes.
Or just double it, then do some yaws and check logs to see what accel was achievable and set that.
I didn’t look in the log.

I couldnt help it, I looked in the log.
Definitely increase this
and see how it goes. Some small quads have much higher values, so 40000 is possible too.

Or you could just run Yaw Autotune again with
and I think you will find the yaw PIDs will be better too.

I think you should adjust these:

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Updated that hnotch frequency and did a new tune. It hit 32k on the accel max and 8.5 on the rate. I’ll call this good enough for now.