Autotune with tethered power cable?

Yesterday I tried to autotune my drone, it tune for 25mins to the point my drone battery completely drained. The tuning process is taking too long especially you doing it with altihold. You need to constantly adjust the position.

I just wonder if it is possible to tune with a tethered power line. If so I can do it indoor, limits its movement and yet run as long as possible.

I saw there are tuning racks but its more for small drone. Impossible to be used for a medium sized drone.

Or is it possible to tune again from where it stopped after changing a fresh sets of battery.

Provide a .bin log of normal flight, we might be able to improve the tuning before Autotune so it works quicker.
Also did you start with just one axis?

And use loiter instead of althold

It actually tuned roll, pitch. I thinknto the point it seems to tune yaw before the battery drain

As Shawn said, just do one axis at a time. Then you can recharge the battery and proceed to next axis. In that way you won’t run out of battery during auto-tune.


How do I set to tune specific axles? Please teach me.

How do you set to tune only specific axles?

AUTOTUNE_AXES in full parameter list, a bitmap selection box will pop up to choose the axis.
Dont worry about doing Yaw D


In Mission Planner:

In QGroundcontrol:

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Thank you very much, this is very useful.

Thank you very much.