Autotune not writing PIDs

I’m trying to autotune a quadcopter, props are 15", motors are 5010-360, FC is Pixhawk 1. Setting alt-hold, then going into Autotune, I can get through roll autotune in about 3mins, pitch takes about 6 mins, then yaw goes on for about 5mins when I finally have to land. I’ve been landing with Autotune (and alt-hold) still engauged. Then doing a left stick down and left to disarm motors. In addition, I’ve tried both pressing the disarm button on the aircraft and not pressing it before connecting to a PC with the USB cable. I have never seen updated PIDs come up in Flight Planner. Is this a matter of they are never saved unless I complete the final YAW Autotune? If this is the case, I will Autotune each axis separately. Thanks in advance…

Okay, got it. Just tuned roll and pitch w/no yaw, completed the Autotune, left stick down and left to disarm, plugged into the PC and got values. Progress.

For posterity, yes, the autotune must complete before it will save the PIDs. There will be an audible beep from the buzzer when autotune has finished. If you land and disarm with the Autotune switch engaged at any time after it finishes, it will save the new PIDs.