Autopilot moving random Arduboat

Hello everyone,

We are building an autonomous sea vessel.


The equipment that we are using is the following:

  1. Pixhawk 2.4.8
  2. FMUv2 firmware
  3. two one-directional ESCs
  4. two underwater motors.
  5. GPS
  6. RC

Here is a picture of the ArduBoat

Problem Definition

Our vessel works as expected in MANUAL mode. However, after we set it to GUIDED mode and send a waypoint by clicking on the map and selecting “go there,” it does some random and weird movement around the pool. It is not acting as expected.

On top of that, when we write the same parameters into SITL and test there, it also moves randomly.

Parameters on the vessel (Mission Planner)

parameters.param (13.9 KB)

Parameters on the vessel (QGroundControl)

Note: Change the file extension from “.param” to “.params”
param_list.param (34.0 KB)

I can send the Logs if you can message me. Size exceeded to upload here.

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you probably have the motors mixed up, did you reverse any of the channels on the handset to make it work? does it steer ok in acro mode?

on the RC, we reversed roll channel. other than that we followed the documentation

you need to un reverse any rc channels on your handset and start again. any fixes like that need to be done in mission planner at the servo output page.

I did it on mission planner>Radio Calibration>reverse channel selection box

You need to change the ardupilot outputs not the radio inputs.

I strongly suspect that @geofrancis is correct that the output to the motors hasn’t been configured quite right. There is a motor test feature in Mission Planner that will help confirm if this is the issue.

I will check that in few hours and reply back

Do you think it has anything tk do with onr directional ESCs? Does it need to be bi-directional

While a bi-directional ESC is probably preferable, I think your problem relates to reversing an input (RC channel) when you probably needed to reverse an output (servo channel), instead.

i noticed that my gps track vector is not moving at all

The previous random movement issue was about frame type set to omnix i fixed that .now the gps track is not moving

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can you drive it in acro mode?

yes, i can drive in acro mode

Would you mind posting a pic of the propulsion system? Thanks.

david can you help me in connection of two boats telemetry i am complete beginner i want my two boats to operate on single mission planner what should i do step by step i am two 3DR radio telemetry 433hz . now what should i do next thanks

do you have access to an RFD900 radio? They can be flashed with firmware that will allow for two RX and one TX.

david i have fs i6b which i connected to my pixhawk 2.4.8 rc in port my problem is not long range . 500m is fine for me i want my twopixhawk data on one missionplanner screen . what should i do with my telemtry of two boats to connect to my ground station( mylaptop) ground 3dr radio telemetry antenna

1st change the NetID on the Telemetry Radios to unique numbers. Connect both Ground Telemetry Radios to the laptop. In Mission Planner connect the 1st radio as usual. Then right click on the top bar and select Connection Options. Then pick the 2nd radio and baud rate and hit Connect.

This is showing a rover and a multirotor both connected.

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dave i dont think i have this usb connecting option for airmodule your module is quite advnace is there any solution now