Autonomous Solar Lawn mower

I would like to build an autonomous solar lawn mower just like this one : Vitirover robots in action in a vineyard - YouTube

I know there is a few subjects on this website but none with such idea of the combination of solar energy and a tiny energyefficient lawn mower.

I have already an pixhawk 2.4.8, an 100w solar pannel (20v) and an hand grass cutter to add on the front of the rover.
So i would like to know if you know some similar projects of lawn mower with the conversion of the solar power to the different parts of the rover.

Thanks in advance

To solar chage the battery you need a MPPT boost charge controller to take the 20v from the panel and boost to the 24v or 36v your using to run the lawnmower.

Im currently working in something similar using hoverboard motors for propulsion and a modified cordless lawnmower.