Autonomous Rover Project

Hello, wonder if someone might be able to offer a little advice to a newbie?

I want to build a simple rover that I can put in one corner of a field and it will travel in a straight line, u-turn and travel back on a path parallel to the first. Then rinse and repeat until a whole small field is completely covered.

I have tried to build this from the ground up using an arduino, some Cytron motor controllers, GPS and compass all attached to an electric scooter, but I’m struggling, so someone recommended ardupilot.

Just looking through what’s on offer here and I’m confused. Wonder, could anyone please advise on what hardware I would need to automate this electric scooter? Is ardupilot something that I can just strap onto an existing vehicle, or is it designed to work only with specific chassis?

Many thanks

Ardupilot is suitable for a wide range of vehicles; flying, driving or floating. And it runs on many hardware platforms (Flight Controllers). It will certainly work for the use case you have described.

I built a rover to do exactly this for this company
I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you getting in touch with them.
I made a youtube series of the build here:
Hope it helps.

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Oh wow, that appears to be exactly what I am looking for!


Sorry, another question.

Can you drive 12V motors from a pixhawk? Is it possible to attach (Arduino) motor controller boards to it?

Hi Matt, sorry I didn’t answer your question. I am trying to automate this:

Hi, I Have a project like yours. Was it sucecessful? Can you pass me step by step?