Autonomous Plane with LTE for unlimited range

Hello there
i am planning to build a plane with unlimited range, flight time more than 2 hours to fly bvlos.

it will have a Raspberry pi on board with LTE and MavProxy. The Raspberry Pi will have a Raspberry Pi HQ camera to do video recordings and live stream.
As flight controller i think i will go with Cube orange and ADS-B carrier board and 2 CAN GPS (Herelink 3)

Now i need some advice from the pros:

  1. What frame do you recommend? i was thinking about Volantex Phoenix 2400 and maybe 10Ah Li-Ion battery. I am not sure if it has enough space inside for Raspberry Pi, LTE dongle, Cube and battery…
  2. What radio link should i propably use as backup in case LTE fails?
  3. We are also planning to fly at night so a few LEDs at the wing would be nice, what can i use to easily control it from pixhawk? (or is it better to control them from Raspberry pi?)
  4. What else am i missing?

PS: The project is for a friend of mine wich has traped from the illness ME/CFS. he can’t leave his bed anymore. With this plane he should be able to fly and explore the world at least virtually and capture some great aerial footage.