Autonomous flight minimum speed

Hello, I have a hexacopter and make autonomous flights cube orange . I can set the minimum speed to 1. Can I fly autonomously at lower speeds? For ex : 0.5m/s . Currently. Weight of the drone 26 kg. I am flying at a speed of 1 m/s, but there are wobbles between the waypoints because the drone accelerates too much, which is undesirable as I read data from a sensor on it.

You can fly as slow as you want, and it will fly well if you limit the velocity AND acceleration AND jerk using their respective parameters

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When I reduce the value below 1, it returns to 1 by default.

Are you using mission planner to set/change the parameter?
Are you using the full parameter list?

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Sorry , now ı solved this problem thanks for response. But now When I set my autonomous flight speed to 1, it increases up to 5 between two waypoints, but I want to fly at 1 constantly, my distance between points is 24 m.