Automission - basic steps

Hi - I have run through the setup and first run work flows for setting up and automission… I have my rover with mission set, outside, good satellites armed and ready for mission… but nothing happens… what actually initiates the rover to start?

I’m missing something simple I fear. what are the basic steps?


Safety pressed?
Vehicle armed?
Mission set?
Vehicle switch to Auto?

I assume it drove in manual mode etc?

Post a log?

Apologies for the delay in getting back.

  • I have disabled the safety button…so not a factor I think.
  • Yes vehicle arms…i set a simple mission in the back yard.
  • Switches to auto… Then just a long beep …and nothing.
  • Yes drives manually fine etc…

Log posted below

Something i have noticed which maybe the problem… the motor controller is a sabretooth 60a… I had on mixed mode, using the right joy stick only to control skid steering.
However the motor test wasn’t working…

as per the ardurover setup instructions - I have changed the sabre to separate channels, and RC1 to Left Throttle, and RC2 to right throttle… but now nothing works.

You need to post a link to the log stored elsewhere.

ok update:

  • Now have set CH1 - left throttle CH3 - right throttle…
  • motor tests work as per instructions
  • pilot steer type is 0 (i want right joy stick operating skid steer)
  • rcmap roll =1, pitch 3
  • In radio calibration -joystick green bar moving…
  • in servo output… green bar is not working

You must arm the vehicle for throttle output to work.

great thanks …making good progress i think.

Skid steering works now, however when I max the joy stick - the motors come to abrubt stop, the autopilot beeps, and I have to rearm…

what might cause that?