Automatic start with AUTO_TRIGGER_PIN how?


I’m fairly new to Ardupilot, but I do have my Rover working. It’s pretty awesome that anyone can make use of such a powerful platform with not too much effort.

My Rover has a Pixhawk controller and works with an RC controller to select hold/acro/auto modes, and arm/disarm. I can also program missions and start actions from Mission Planner (my GCS). It’s all good.

In acro mode I can drive the Rover around like an RC car. It’s a lot of fun.

In auto mode it will set off for waypoint 1 and follow the list of waypoints in order as expected.

There are a few features I haven’t tried yet, but I have the basic functionality I need.

My goal is to build a platform that can be started up simply, with no RC controller, and no GCS. Like this:

  1. Turn on power
  2. Press hardware safety switch until the LED is on solid.
  3. Flick a switch, off it goes on the pre-loaded mission.

I’ve figured out from this forum and various places that this is possible, but it’s not working for me. I do have the latest firmware (3.2.2).

Basically, I have configured AUTO_TRIGGER_PIN, which will act as a run/pause input. The pin is grounded through the switch in the ‘run’ position, and unconnected in the ‘pause’ position. I confirmed the switch is detected properly by observing messages on the GCS.

I have configured INITIAL_MODE to 10 for Auto.

I have set FS_THR_ENABLE to 0, and FS_GCS_ENABLE to 0 so that I don’t need the GCS or RC running. I have set ARMING_REQUIRE to 0.

What happens is that the Rover Powers up and arms, but flicking the run/pause switch to ground AUTO_TRIGGER_PIN does nothing (I do press the hardware safety switch first).

If I set ARMING_REQUIRE to 1 then use the RC controller to enter Auto mode then the AUTO_TRIGGER_PIN switch works as expected. I can have the Rover run or pause by toggling the switch.

So, what am I missing? I’m thinking I might have to attach a button to an Arduino connected to a serial port that sends the Arm command, because auto-arming at boot time doesn’t seem to work.

For now I’ll stick with the RC controller to change mode to Auto then Arm, but I’d like to get the controls on to the Rover, with no RC controller or GCS.

Thanks everyone.

Hello Andrew. I found your post when I was searching for a solution to this same issue… Did you ever figure it out?

Hello Andrew ,you fix the problem?? I have the same problem!

Hi I have it exactly that way: FS_THR_ENABLE - 0 , FS_GCS_ENABLE - 0, ARMING_REQUIRE na 0 , INITIAL_MODE na 10.

. Has anyone discovered the cause yet? in the case of another initial mode entry, everything will go well and the vehicle will start in the selected mode. But not when entering the number 10 for automatic mode.