Automatic resetting parameters to default

Hi, good evening friends!
Unfortunately today my Cube Orange was automatically reset to default parameters. why it has happened to my FC. Please tell me your suggestions, it should not appear in the future.

Thanks and regards

Update the bootloader.
Follow the instructions below.

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Good morning, sir
I already updated cube orange. Yesterday I have tried once, it is showing updated. I did a test flight with my restored parameters and gains. In auto mode UAV is flying good. But when I switched to lotier mode, UAV is not hovering at mid point. After I check in parameters, hover throttle is raised .0.38to .0.42. then I am replaced 0.42 with 0.38. today we need test.

Thank sir

If you have MOT_HOVER_LEARN set to 2, which is default, MOT_THST_HOVER is a learned value which will be set automatically while flying in assisted modes. This is generally what you want.

Ok sir. Today i have tried with v 4.0.4 with my first tuned gains. Flight is very stable, sir.

Thankyou sir