Automatic landing glide slope

Im trying to tune my plane for automatic landing, Ive read all the documentation extensively but I am running into some issues. As I have understood it the glide slope duruing the approach is priamarily determined by the final waypoint before the landing waypoint. And even thought I have setup my waypoints with a gentle glideslope of 8 degrees the plane initiates the approach later and chooses a glide slope of around 15. In the documentation the parameter [TECS_APPR_SMAX] sets the maximum approach angle allowed.
However this parameter has since been changed to be the maximum allowed sink rate during approach, and I cannot find a parameter that controls the maximum approach angle.
Running arduplane v4.3.3

Appreciate any help

Please post the .bin log. It will make it way easier for anyone willing to troubleshoot to tell anything.

Ofcourse, here is a link to two flight logs. The first one (11-15-26) it performed an autlanding with a much steeper approach, didn’t have time to properly lower the approach speed for very long, initiated a steep landing an landed quite hard.
The second one (12-38-11) it aborted the landning due the rangefinder not giving data before it had already passed the pre-flare altitude of 10m, but still the glide slope was way steeper than I had planned

It may help to know that the plane in question is a modified Volantex Phoenix 2400, so large wingspan, but it also has a powerful 1050 Kv motor with a 10x8 prop, using reverse thrust and a rangefinder for pre flare and flare maneuvers