Autoland abort during crosswind


Another question:
Do I understand correctly that an abort during autolanding will be like an autotakeoff until it reaches its p1 or previous takeoff altitude or 30[m]?
And autotakeoff uses zero-roll to maintain heading, which means that during a crosswind autolanding, where the nose is pointing sideways instead of along the runway, the plane will pull up in the direction in which the nose is pointing (which could be into the trees parallel to the runway) and not along the runway.

If @tridge or someone else can clarify shortly that would be great!
Georg :slight_smile:

Edit: Autotakeoff should use the gps track heading once it got a good gps track - which should be the case when flying (moving already). Does land abort then use the nose-pointing heading (yaw sensor) or the approach land heading (gps)? If the latter then the land abort should be safe I think and not crash into the trees alongside the runway.