Auto Navigation Mode (ArduCopter) - Disarm after landing

We are working on a project for Drone based cargo delivery solution. We are using Ardupilot as an autopilot for the drone and I am building a web-based GCS to autonomously control the copter. Using a copter, I want to do takeoff->fly->land->disarm->takeoff->fly->land->disarm in auto mode. For this implementation, I have three questions.

Question 1: After a landing on a land waypoint, the copter immediately takes off and fly to the next waypoint (even if it is a standard waypoint, not takeoff waypoint). Whereas I would expect the copter to disarm on landing. Is this an expected behaviour or a bug? Can you please suggest us any solution for this?

Question 2: To solve this problem (Drone is not disarming on landing waypoint), we use a Delay waypoint next to land waypoint which disarms the system after landing on simulated copter (3.4-rc6). We assume that this is because the copter is armed on the ground with without flying for a while.
However, after arming again, we wonder why the system automatically sets Waypoint 1 as the current waypoint instead of next waypoint on the list. Is there a way to disable this?

Question 3: Finally, while trying on the drone we also realised that the delay waypoint is not yet implemented on the stable release of Ardupilot (3.3.3) but only on the beta version (3.4-rc6). How safe would it be to use the latest beta release (3.4-rc6) on the copter and how far is it from the next stable release?


Did you ever find a solution to this? I’ve been trying to figure this one out myself.