Auto modes turns my motor off on bench test

Recently I crashed my fixed wing.The motor was not spinning and I crashed my plane as I lost RC receiver mid flight. The throttle failsafe was set to RTL.
I am doing a bench test on my fixed wing for the fail safe.
But the motor shuts down if it loses RC connection. I understand that this is done on purpose in the previous versions for safety but even if I have modes like Cruise, Loiter, RTL etc on my switch and I try shifting to that the motor cuts down immediately. What might be the reason for this?
If these modes are not working on bench, how will I be sure that I won’t crash if it loses RC receiver again? How will I be sure that RC Failsafe is working?

I am attaching my flight log, any sort of help will be appreciate.
Thanks in advance.
Nihal Y.

same issue, arduplane bench test motors keep spinning from manual to FBWA but when i switch to cruise or rtl motors stop spinning and when i revert back to manual the motors still dont spin until i touch the throttle stick