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Auav-x2 Compatibility

(Jeremy Hanks) #1

I have a quad that is powered by an auav-x2 that I haven’t flown in quite some time but that I would like to get back in the air. Is this flight controller able to run ac3.6? If not, was there a clear breakpoint where the firmware stopped playing nice with this FC?

(Andyp1per) #2

It will work fine. I think it has the 1Mb memory limit but mission planner should pick that up when you try to update (and install the right version).

(Jeremy Hanks) #3

In playing around with 3.6 yesterday, It kept defaulting to a helicopter configuration even with repeatedly setting it to a quad and I could only ever get 3 motor outputs that didnt behave correctly with stick inputs. I thought this might be firmware based but I suppose it could just be configuration.

(Andyp1per) #4

I have one. I will try upgrading this weekend to verify. But I am on 3.5 right now so really doubt there is a problem

(Jeremy Hanks) #5

I’d love to hear your experience. Thank you @andyp1per

(Andyp1per) #6

I’ve loaded 3.6.9 no problem (NuttX). Need to do some tuning as I switched to 4s, but appears fine.

I actually had some problems getting the right firmware on with Mission Planner, somehow I loaded ChiBIOS and then after that had all kinds of problems changing. In the end I had to do it on my mac with APM Planner. That defaulted to NuttX and then after that things were a lot saner. Not sure if this is a MP or ChiBIOS problem.