ATT.Yaw DegHeading

Hello to all of you,
yestarday i was flying and an error occured, (att.yaw degheading) and when i was landing the copter started to drift a little it self.
What could be the problem? Would it be solved if i calibrate the compass?

I’ve also run an autotest on the log file and i got this:
Test: Compass = FAIL - WARN: Large compass offset params (X:77.47, Y:-319.26, Z:97.87)
WARN: Large compass offset in MAG data (X:-259.00, Y:-151.00, Z:-214.00)
Large change in mag_field (101.35%)
Max mag field length (568.66) > recommended (550.00)

Everything is well mounted and stiff as usual.
Is it safe to fly? should i perform a new compass calibration?

If anyone could be so kind to reply would be helpfull

Thanks in advance


Send that log, it would be a wild guess without it. Also tell a little about your vehicle setup.

Hi Mustafa, sorry for the late answer but i’ve been out for work…
I solved the problem performing a compass inflight calibration.
Now it’s all ok and the copter flyies well.


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