ATMega2560 telemtry ports

I know that this forum is probably wrong for my topic but I did not knew where to put it elswhere.
I have an ATMega2560 running any version of Arducopter (I cant tell you more because I have taken the project from other people that did no documentation at all).
I am searching for the ports to connect a radio telemtry such as a SiK radio telemtry.
I know that the 2560 is not supported anymore for a long time but I hope I will find someone who can help me.
I attached a picture of my controller.

That looks like a Crius AIO Pro board. The ports should be labeled on the backside.
But why do you want to bother with old and never really supported hardware? With the new Chibios versions of Ardupilot, there are many cheap boards to choose from, that will run the latest versions of Arducopter.

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Thanks a lot for the hint of the correct model name!
I do not want to change the flight controller because the hexacopter is a “build-set” of Tarot and we have no documentation how the hexacopter was built and how the wiring is…
I will take a look at the back of the controller and google:)

In the end i think it would be more productive to understand wiring and use a more recent board that can run recent firmwares. Reverse engineering wiring shouldn’t be that hard.