At the last stage of Roll and Pitch, the altitude is lowered

It happened yesterday while flying the quad.

There is no problem during hovering.
At the end of roll and pitch, the aircraft drops in altitude.
I raised the throttle, but my quad smashed hard on the ground and climbed again.

The same problem occurred in Stab mode as well as Loiter flight mode.

I hadn’t had this problem before modifying the pid.
This is the first problem that occurred after pid modification.

What caused this?
Can the altitude of the aircraft go down because of the pid?

This craft is struggling just to Hover and motor imbalance is terrible. I doubt it has anything to do with PID;'s. And why are you running such an old version of Arducopter?

The wind was very strong yesterday, so it seems to be the effect.

I don’t think so. Even if it was the average PWM output is too high at Hover. Your MOT_THST_HOVER value is .687

And why don’t you set these parameters.

So what should I fix to resolve this problem?

And what role does mot bat volt min, max play? I have never set this parameter.

It appears to be under powered/overweight.

Learn about those parameters and others you should set here: