Assembly custon binary in Vsc and SITL problem

Hi people. I’m nub in programming but I make some changes in code for copter and all I need work well.
I can’t find one thing- how to change compiling options aka Custom Build server?
I don’t need lot of functions and I want remoove them.
Also I have problem with Sitl- all instaled as described in Wiki, simulation works, but command “rc fail” dont’t work. Also I see some bugs in simulation.
I load SW for flight simulation in MP and make sample flight- after that “rc fail” begun to work. And bugs fixed- Sitl begin work as real copter.
After I close MP- I need load sim SW again.
Copter 4.5.0 Dev, Radiomaster TX-12 as joystick.

PS if sombody can help with accelerometer filtered and ready to use in algorythm arguments- I’ll be glad.
It’s hard to find them (all I find now -“acc.x” (/y/z) wich used for loggin.
Thanks all.