Arhs_orientation does not work when put gps1

When I put GPS in gps1 port, arhs_orientation does not work.

I use Here+ with CubeBlack and CubeOrange, same problem.

If I only use Cube compass , unchecked GPS compass in Setup/Mandatory/Compass, it works.
And use Here 3 CAN GPS , it works too.

It looks compass from GPS1 serial port, it occurs ahrs_orientation does not work.

What do you mean with “AHRS_ORIENTATION does not work”?

  1. What does not work?
  2. What makes you think that it does not work?
  3. When it does work, what makes you so sure that it does?
  4. Are you getting error messages?
  5. What are the exact error messages?
  6. What are you trying to achieve here?


  1. AHRS_ORIENTAION parameter does not work
  2. set its value to 2, after reboot, nothing change, it should be offset 90 degree yaw,
  3. if use Here+ on GPS1 (serial port 3), change arhs_orientation value to 2, after reboot, nothing change
  4. no any error meesage

follow 2 cases AHRS_ORIENTATION works

  1. use HERE 3 GPS, I guess it uses CAN port
  2. uncheck compass in Setup/Mandatory/Compass or take off GPS(Here+). then set AHRS_ORIENTATION to 2, the yaw is offset 90 degree.

all cases are tested by Rover 4.0 and 4.1 on CubeBlack and CubeOrange

Open a github issue report

I thought my parameter setting problem in somewhere. Anybody has same issue?
Do you have same issue.
Set it’s value to Roll 90, it works.

Tried set it’s value to 100 custom, and ahrs_custom_yaw is 90. It is same problem.

I have not experienced this issue nor can I provide help beyond what amilcarlucas has. He recommended opening an issue with the development team. Have you done that?

Before open the ticket, I just want to confirm it is a bug. I think it may be my setting wrong.

Then provide more details. Pictures might help. What are the actual physical orientations of your components? And again, what are you trying to achieve?

Someone response on discussion cubepilot.

AHRS_ORIENTATION only works for internal compasses - ie for cube compass. As for external compasses - if to believe Arduplane docs:

“The setting of the orientation of external compasses is no longer required. It’s determined automatically during calibration now.”

Why? Is it true?

Yes, although we should confirm what version of software you are running to be sure.

AHRS_ORIENTATION determines the accelerometer and internal compass orientation. It has nothing to do with the Here+ external compass.

Set AHRS_ORIENTATION per the documentation.

Calibrate the accelerometers.

When you connect the Here+, don’t worry about the COMPASS_ORIENT parameter, but rather accomplish a compass calibration on the Setup/Mandatory Hardware tab, and it should set the orientation automatically.

See also compass mounting and advanced compass setup.

Everything you need is in the documentation. Read it. Follow it carefully.

The reason is the 2 GPS antennas for yaw on my rover that direct an orientation, I need to change orientation to correct yaw.
for example, my rover head north (0 degree yaw), 2 antennas to decide the yaw as 90, but it is not my rover head orientation. I need change its yaw 90 degree to direct 0 degree (north).
because I can’t change 2 GPS position on my rover due to its design.

That’s all understandable.

Be sure you are not confusing the X and Y axes for GPS orientation.

Please follow my last post.

Yes, I have referd your post to try to solve problem. but it is not convenience
it does not make sense, when I use Here 3 (a CAN port GPS), it can be done orientation by ahrs_orientation parameter, confuse.

Post pictures of your installation. I don’t think we will solve this by discussion alone.