Are Ardupilots capable to control motors that uses motor driver and not ESC?

I understand usually flight controller like phixhawk 4 runs motor through a ESC. If I were to run a bigger rover using ardupilot. Usually these motors are controlled using Motor driver instead of ESC.
Typically ESC runs using PWM frequency between 1ms to 2ms. Stepper driver runs in steps.
I wonder if ardupilot can control the stepper motor driver as well using flight controller?

Anyone knows anything about controlling these stepper driver?

I’m not aware of a direct stepper motor driver for ArduPilot, but many motor controllers include a PWM input for control. Some require a 0-5V or 0-10V signal instead, in which case you’d need an intermediate controller to translate RC PWM to analog voltage output (a trivial task with something like an Arduino or companion computer).

ArduPilot is in control of vehicles ranging from small RC cars all the way to large agricultural harvesters. There are plenty of methods and examples for non-ESC control.

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I am working on a similar project with wheel motors and controller.

The wheel controllers (ZLAC706) are driven using a PWM to PPS converter made with an ArduinoMega that set the Direction as well. I might work on developing the CAN interface and control these Drives using LUA on a later step.


Thanks for the details. I guess I will try with a arduino board to convert the signal and see how it goes.

If you share the details of the motor controller you intend to use, we may be able to help further.

I am using this
L298N BTS7960 10A to control 2 24v motor. Planning to do something like a track vehicle.

Oh, that’s just a simple H-Bridge for brushed motors , you can use these type of controller -or similar - directly with rover

Once again, WIKI is your friend: Brushed Motors — Rover documentation

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Thanks, this is very useful. Exactly what I need.