Ardurover on Speedybee F405Wing

I saw f405wing version listed also on Rover as suitable fc but cant find firmware for it? For arduplane fw can be found from download site. Can I install fw that is for matek F405Wing board?

Is this not it?

On plane’s page there is own folder for speedybeeF405Wing and speedybeef4 atleast.

This one Speedybee F405-wing

Sorry about that - Rover didn’t support the “Wing” board until more recently. Dave has you covered.

Hello! I am now trying to setup my skid steer Rover and I have problem. When I ARM Rover servo output jumps from 1500 to 1700. I had exactly same setup on bench with cube black that works well but now with F405 this happens.

Attached log here, when I change servo out from throttle left & throttle right to RCIn 1 & 3 they work normally. Also motortest works normal.

link to log here