ArduRover Draws 40ft Smiley Faces With RTK GPS and Spray Paint

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Caleb here.

Just thought Iā€™d share a project I did with ArduRover, RTK GPS and a can of spray paint, to do precision 2D graffiti vandalism in my local park :wink:

Started out with a 40ft smiley face.

The RTK GPS modules I used were the ArduSimple carrier boards with F9P. Iā€™m very impressed with those.

For the spray cans, I just hot glued a servo to the end of a spray can, and plugged the PWM signal into the pixhawk servo 9 port.

Then I made a python dronekit wrapper script around the AUTO mission to shake the rover back and forth after every spray, to reload the spray can.

Hope you enjoy the project!