Ardurover calibration problem

Hello, I am attempting to automate my Spider remote mower by using Pixhawk 5X,Here3,Sik radios and 2x 30 A Roboclaw but dont need an RC transmitter or receiver as the mower already has an industrial standard remote setup. The mower has 4 wheel drive and steer so it has no Front it moves in any direction so I have geared the Here 3 compass to rotate via a slip ring with the steering which is simply controlled by a brushed motor via the Roboclaw. My problem is Mission Planner will not complete its calibration without RC calibration! how can I get around this problem please ?

Try this: Operation Using Only a Ground Control Station (GCS) — Rover documentation

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Thank you very much Allister, I will let you know how it goes !

Hi again Allister, that fixed calibration thank you ! my next problem is disabling the PX5 internal compasses and enabling only the Here3 external compass ,I have set the priority and checked use box but it keeps reverting to internal.
The Here3 GPS is working but not the compass ?

The internal compass is probably the first compass. Set COMPASS_USE = 0. Then for the Here3 set COMPASS_USE2 = 1.