Ardupliot Discord Server?

I’m thinking of starting an AP Discord server to help out in real time. Thoughts? Has anyone already done it? Cheers!

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Here we go!

Please message me if you’d like to be a moderator.


You can try the existing Mumble server here

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If people want this, then why not.
I’d rather just promote existing channels such as gitter though. Can Discord be bridged to slack/gitter/Skype etc?
Personally I’m already spread across so many platforms that I’m really reluctant to add another (coincidentally I actually just deleted Discord). But if it can be bridged to an existing platform, could be good.
One thing to be wary of (and why discussion and user support is best done here in the forum) is that chat channels can be hard to search, so the body of knowledge is hard for users to interrogate.