Arduplane takeoff failure

Hello everyone

During the TAKEOFF, for some reason my plane kept going up and down and I can’t find the reason why my plane crashed. I checked the CG before flight but I am suspecting it was the CG anyway. Please someone clarify it for me! I have the logs and the video of the TAKE

Unfortunately, to download the log file, you need a google account.


What format how should I upload it for you?

how does it fly in manual mode ?

need the bin file not the tlog

Did you disable arming checks ?

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i figured out it was the CG related issue

Can you tell me what CG is?

Center of gravity.

question did you do the maiden in manual mode ?

I did not, I always think that auto take-off is safer. But I should go back to my old days of actually first test-flying it in manual.

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