Arduplane RTL couldn't save plane after min_alt Geofence Breach

Hi all,

Recently had a plane crash after a min_alt geofence breach engaged RTL didn’t seem to do much. The plane was in a pretty steep dive, so maybe it was just too much, too soon, but I’m wondering if anything else might have contributed to the occurrence. Log is below - any help in determining what happened is most appreciated. Before this point, I believe Auto tune, L1 tuning and Cruise tuning were all done decently well? Still pretty new to Arduplane, hoping to learn a lot more. The aircraft here is. T1 Ranger with appropriate CG, as best I am aware.

@hwurzburg helped me through this log analysis on Discord. Looks like the plane was off CG/too nose heavy and the elevator was maxed out just keeping the plane level in assisted flight. This was further complicated by a probably not great tune, and me just expecting too much of the plane in that fast of a dive that close to the ground. It wasn’t totaled though, so here we go with some rebuilding and continued learning. Thanks again to all those of you who help out here on the forums and Discord.

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