Arduplane PID gain parameters question

about Fixed wing PID gain control
I know there are PID gain parameters about Roll pitch steering ‘rate’ PID gain and what their means

but i could’t find PID gain params about roll pitch steering ‘angle’ PID gain.

How can I tune the angle PID gain?

I found this structure of fixed wing’s PID controller

It shows I can’t set the PID gains for ‘angle’…is this true?

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I believe that is correct. The angular error gets converted to a target rate of change using the PTCH2SRV_TCONST, PTCH2SRV_RMAX_UP, PTCH2SRV_RMAX_DN parameters (and the equivalents for roll and yaw) as part of this conversion, so you could modify them to make it more aggressive. These are tweaked automatically when adjusting AUTOTUNE_LEVEL.

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