Arduplane Help - Radiolink AT10II-R12DS-Pixhawk248


We have been having difficulties getting our setup to work through Pixhawk, Arduplane, and Mission Planner. Our issues persisted so we switched hardware for simplicity’s sake are now encountering another, New problem:

Problem: Mission Planner not receiving any signal for Radio Calibration.
Description: When moving the control sticks on the transmitter, Mission Planner indicates that no movement is being received. This occurs at the radio calibration step, and no input is being received to the Pixhawk 2.4.8/Mission Planner.

Pixhawk 2.4.8
Transmitter (Tx): RadioLink AT10II
Receiver (Rx): RadioLink R12DS

The Rx is set to SBUS mode and indicates a solid blue/purple light (signaling is bound to Tx). Given the solid purple light, I am assuming the Rx is receiving the signal from the Tx which indicates it is indeed moving the Servos.

The Tx is currently set in Mode 2, and is new out of the box. The Model Type has been switched to Aerobatic; otherwise, no settings have been changed.

Do I have my connections set up right? (see Photo). The PPM encoder is plugged from the Rx into the RCIN on the Pixhawk, and the SBUS is plugged from the Rx into the SBUS input on the Pixhawk. This seems redundant but I have tried various iterations and cannot get a signal output to Mission Planner to pass the Radio Calibration Step.

Thank you very much for any help!

I got same problem but unable to find solution