ArduPlane Compas Variance and Bad Compas Healt Error


I’m using Cube Orange and Here3 GPS. And I’m continuously getting those errors. Here is my log files:

On all 3 flight, Cube using both internal and external (Here3’s) compas.

What can I do to solve this?

COMPASS_DEV_ID,590114 (SPI Bus/Cube Internal Compass)
COMPASS_DEV_ID2,97539 (CAN, external compass)



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Should I enter those values in parameter list?

No, that’s what you have now. You want to prioritize the Here3 compass. You may want to disable the internal compass also but determine that based on errors. Essentially reverse what you have now. Re-prioritze them in the Compass Calibration Screen of Mission Planner and re-start the board.

Note: Don’t make the changes in the Parameter list!

When I selected external one, Pixhawk still uses internal one.

Post a screen shot of the Compass Screen.

Read this:
Compass setup

Here it is:

OK, good. If you want to make sure the internal compass isn’t used disable it’s device driver at boot:

Why do you have COMPASS_LEARN set to 1? Read the note in the link I posted above.

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Thanks, It’s working with external compass rigth now. Also, I set COMPASS_LEARN param to 0. It should be in 0, right, as I understand.

Yes, that’s default and typically what you want.

I think It’s resolved now. It’s no longer giving errors and using only external compass.

I will try it on field tomorrow. Thank you for that.

@dkemxr also, when I looked to my flight log, I saw huge inconsistency between first and second compass. How can I determine, which one is correct and which one is not?

use this tool: