Arduplane auto takeoff without mission planing

I know that auto takeoff can work at only auto mode and to do this , you need to add a takeoff command with mission planner. But I want to this with only one button with my own ground station over mavlink or joystick.

for example : parrot disco

to do auto takeoff in disco, you push takeoff button and after launch disco. i mean that you dont deal with mission plan.

how can i do that as pratically ?

additionally, i send MAV_CMD_NAV_TAKEOFF via mavlink to plane but in auto mode no respond.

thank you …

You are correct that Auto Takeoff needs to be part of an AUTO-mode mission.

For your situation, do you need the rest of the mission? Or could the auto-takeoff be the entire mission, thus after auto-takeoff is complete (as configured by the available parameters) the plane goes into RTL mode until you switch it to something else?

Tank you. i dont need another mission.
İ want to this :
When i push a joystick button or gcs button, plane Will arm and next i Will launch with hand plane. Plane will climb target altitude and it will goes into RTL mode. After i would control plane in fbwa mode (like parrot disco video).
How can i do that this without mission plan writing for takeoff .

I don’t think what you’re describing is exactly possible.

I am not aware of any auto-takeoff which is separate from the AUTO mode. To use the auto-takeoff behavior, you must use AUTO mode.

Here is the closest match I can envision to your goal:

  1. You can ARM the plane using the rudder joystick. Read about the ARMING_RUDDER parameter to configure this.
  2. You can use a single TX switch to change the mode to AUTO. Your “mission” will only be an auto-takeoff command. Make sure to configure this using the available parameters for a safe hand-launched takeoff.
  3. Once you reach the “successful takeoff” altitude, the plane will automatically switch to RTL mode. Make sure RTL is configured as you like.
  4. Whenever you are ready, use your TX to change the mode from RTL to FBWA (or whatever else you’d like to fly with).
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Simply add 2 items in mission one time only, then it will reload same mission each time :

  • takeoff with pitch angle and altitude,
  • RTL.

Arming vehicule with rudder will record position from gps and define Home position. RTL will circle around Home point. Be carefull about RTL option. If 1 or 2 it will follow do_land_start command if it’s plan …
Take off command on mission have no coordinates and RTL is set when you arm vehicule.
Arm, Switch to auto by button, wait it will go loitering to have, then control yourself by switching tout fbwb like disco. So you need 3 radio command : fbwb, auto, RTL (in case of emergency)

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Okay as i understood, there is no way to takeoff with a just command.
First of all i will load to pixhawk a takeoff mission for one time.
İ will write a function code in my gcs. When i push a button, pixhawk will arm next will goes to auto mode. And it will ready for hand launch. After takeoff and RTL, i will push fbwa button.
But there is a problem. İf i give this plane to another user, maybe they can load to pixhawk a mission plan before takeoff or they can forget adding a takeoff command head of the plan. İf i load just one takeoff mission plan via my gcs code after every pressing takeoff button , it will erase user’s old mission planning. This doesnt male sense. How can i deal this problem?

To get the specific “one button” types of operation that you are requesting, you’ll need to modify the firmware (and perhaps also the GCS software) yourself.

İ see, i can control pixhawk via mavlink but modfying pixhawk is so Hard for me :pensive:
Perhaps parrot disco developers managed this topic as modify pixhawk

Or look for dronekit and program it with python more easier than modifying ardupilot fw :

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