Arduplane 4.0 on Pixracer

I am using an mrobotics pixracer R14:

On Arduplane 3.9 in Mission Planner, I can see that the channel monitor is behaving as expected.
On Arduplane 4.0, the channel monitor behaves very unexpectedly. Channels will oscillate between two seemingly random values, and sometimes the channel monitor will not respond at all to radio input.

Is Arduplane 4.0 incompatible with the pixracer R14?

Good day, didi you flash the firmware fmv4 or pixracer version? Just consider you have also new firmware arduplane 4.0.2

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I am not sure what you are referring to by “fmv4”, and “pixracer version”. Do you mean arduplane and px4 firmware?

I believe I was using Arduplane 4.0.1. Do you think this issue has been resolved in 4.0.2/4.0.3?

me i’ve flashed arduplane on my pixracer without issues… i will attach you the links…
if you will flash the firmware just flash only the .apj file

In every release there are always a bug fix…

i will also attach you this link so you can check

Hi everybody

I jave a pixracer R15 from mrobotics
Do I need to do something special for arduplane 4.0.x ?


Good day… i don’t get what do you mean do something special for, 4.0.x

How did you do the update? About the Mission planner software?

with MP you can update your firmware

For the R14 I could not get 4.0+ to work; I reverted to 3.9.2 and everything functioned as expected.
I am not sure about the R15. If you find that 4.0+ works as expected, please let me know!

i have chinesee copy of R14. Ardupilot 4.0.4 work fine in my wing dart250g
old frsky d8r-ii plus flashed to CPPM output

Oh can you send me a link to the Chinese clone you are using? I would love to take a look.

I will do some test on my mro r15…i will let you know asap

i can’t find on market it now. I bought it 3 years ago.
look like this

Red PCB, pink shell. Marking R14 on pcb

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Good da, i think you have bought the pixracer v1.0.
I’ve done a test on a pixracer r14 and im able to install arduplane 4.0.4.
On your fc do you have update the bootloader with chibi os?arduplane 4.04

my pixracer update BL automatically. I not update it manually.

are you able fly with this version?

yes it fly. baro, compasses, serial ports, everything work.