Arduplane 4.0.5 Cube Orange Loiter mode went into a toilet bowl

Hello all,
I have the cube orange set up on an edge540 aerobatic airplane. When I put it in loiter mode it started to circle but it then got stuck in this toilet bowl then came out for some reason. I have WP_Loiter_Rad = 125. In the image below loiter mode starts in the transition from orange to yellow. See the image below.


I just returned my orange cube to GetFPV. I think this product is full of issues. Mine not even load any firmware And then noticed a sticker on the cube saying “Beta Testing””

Hello UAV skies ,

   To get the firmware on to it you have to use the latest and greatest version on Mission planner. They are no longer beta if you use arduplane 4.0 and on. Thanks for the reply though.
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Hey @Brian_Duvall
That’s how loiter mode works on Arduplane. Arduplane usually flies well even with bad compass because of GPS heading. You shouldn’t find any toilet bowl issues on Arduplane.
Share the log file here. I’ll have a look at it.

Off-course tried that 100 Times. I have cube black works fine.

Does your Orange cube has sticker on it saying Beta?

Hey @Mallikarjun_SE thanks for the reply, Maybe toilet bowl is the wrong word. Ill call it a death spiral then :grin:. The plane was banked well past the roll limit of 45 degrees . Take a look in the log at the desired roll and roll attitudes. My wp_loiter_rad was set to 125, NavL1 period =17

Hey @UAVSkies,
Yea my cube orange sure dose say beta on it. I deleted my MP on my computer then installed the new version what ever that was this past march 2020. Flashed it , lights on board went out, then I connected.

Not sure if that helps if you already sent it back though

All orange Cube that shipped had Beta stickers on.

This was because upto 4.0 they were officially in Beta with Ardupilot. This ended once 4.0 released.

There have been no hardware issues reported o have seen with the Orange or Yellow.

Pretty much all connection issues are driver related as it’s totally different to the a black on Comports and it must have the latest Mission planner driver installed.

The H7 models and F7 models must be used on Windows 10 and when the correct driver is installed you should see two comports. SLCAN and Mavlink.

Well mine refused to load firmware. I think I know what i am doing.

maybe they shipped me a defective unit.

The Black Cube works fine.

Unable to access the log.

Hello @Mallikarjun_SE thanks for taking time to look into this. My problem was my roll gains were way too low. I tuned roll again now it fly’s great in loiter with out a death spiral approach. I fly’s well in auto too.

Also @UAVSkies sorry you had to send yours back new hardware always will have challenges but the cube orange differently works. I can assure you that. The cube black dose work well too. I am using the cube orange specifically for the faster processor.

Happy flying

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