ArduPlane 3.7.1 won't enter guided mode

Hej Fantastic Community!

When I try to enter Guided mode I get “Guided mode not supported by Vehicle.”

Any pointers on how to get that to work would be much appreciated!

My setup:

Parrot Disco Airframe
RaspberryPi/Navio2 connected via 4G + RC
ArduPlane 3.7.1
QGroundControl 3.2.1

This is a QGroundControl issue. (I have the same behavior, but Guided mode works on Mission Planner) I recommend you feature-request it with QGroundControl folks, as I’d like to use it too!

@hunt0r you were right! This is the reply I got from Don Gagne ( @DonLakeFlyer ):

It pretty much means what is says. Guided mode is not yet supported on ArduPilot Fixed Wing.
Hoping to get that implemented on daily builds soon.

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