Arduplane 3.10 dev

I know this is in the 3.9 category but figured I’d throw up a log of two flights of a nimbus I had sitting in the closet for a cpl years. Figured I’d post them in case there is something useful for the dev’s or maybe folks could let me know what im doing wrong. I had EKF3 enable and AHRS_EKF_TYPE set to EKF3, I did not mess with any of the EKF2 stuff. This is running on a mrobotics pixhawk original. First flight I did an autotune everything went well had some compass issues that needed resolved but it flew fine with the compass issues. Second flight just cruised around tested guided mode, tested the gcs failsafes and everything worked flawlessly, till landing hahaha matted down grass and stumps with flying things don’t work to well, clipped the very edge of the wing on landing tore some glue loose but easily fixable.The link to the files from the two flight are at the bottom.

After the crash I decided to setup this airplane with flaperons after these initial flights to help slow it down on landing (maybe this is not correct). My main reason for using dev is it had the landing gear deploy parameters that are needed on another project just didn’t want to use the other project as a test bed. I think the all up weight with a 14000mah 4S liion battery and a 2 axis gopro gimbal on the nose is around 3500g, all the motors and props are the stock ones that are sent with the nimbus kit (banggood sent it to me by mistake and never charged me). I wanted to setup counter rotating props to help counter act the force the two props create spinning in the same direction but currently the way I see it is when the spin the same direction I only have one critical engine but if they were counter rotating then I would have two critical engines if that makes sense, is there any advantage to have counter rotating props on twin engine electric RC planes?

I do have to say that its quite impressive what the community has done in the recent few months, to be able to take a never flown airplane throw on 3.10 dev that morning then go fly is quite nice. Thanks to all that have contributed.

This was also the first time I used this long range rc/telemetry system, although I did not take it out to 60km due to legal constraints and not having any visual observers posted on some hilltops, it was very nice to have both telem and rc in a nice package, I will try and hit the 60km mark in the next week while I am home at the ranch and can have someone follow it in the ranger while I stay at a fixed location.

You will see in the log file plenty of loiter hahaha I was just sitting back having a grand ol time watching that thing circle above me and I might have had to have a wee sip of :beer:

Sorry I don’t have any video because someone forgot the camera case at home hahahaha!! I also used a simple bungee launcher that I am really beginning to like. All it is is a dog leash anchor and about 25-30m of speargun bungee cord. I printed off these from thingiverse to attach the bungee cord to and have not had any failed launches so far, compare with trying to just throw the damn things!!

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