Arduplane 3.10 beta

I have been setting up my new plane with Arduplane 3.10 (latest). It has a few features that I just cannot live without. I flew it this weekend and had a semi successful maiden flight. I need to do some board alignment trimming etc. Anyway, I know that the "latest"version is for developers only. I was wondering when this version will move into the beta stage of development? Is there any testing that I can help with since I am already conducting some test flight with the software?

@Jeremiah_Smith testing of the master build (latest) is very welcome! It will probably be a few weeks at least before we go to beta with it, but I also fly it regularly.
If you notice any issues with it (particularly regressions as compared to current stable releases) then please let me know here.
Cheers, Tridge

Okay thanks. I notice that the file is updated on a daily basis. Are there improvements being made on a daily basis? How often should I update it?

we average about 10 changes a day, but most of those won’t affect you. We do make sure it passes all of our automatic flight tests.

Where can we get a description of the likely new features together with the download address?