ArduPilot T-Shirts, Keychains and other merchandise

Are you interested to work with one of the best Autopilot group in the world?? We are looking talented people to make several different type merchandises to support ArduPilot organization. Do you think that you have an great idea for ArduPilot FUN merc??

We are calling all our users to create the best mercs for the project.

  • Keychains
  • T-Shirts
  • Mugs
  • Monkey wrench with Ardupilot logos on it…
  • Your idea…

Open your sketch books and start posting those wonderful ideas…


Keychains a bit similar to Topic picture with ArduPilot logos are coming in about week (end of Jun 2016). Will post sample pics when they arrive.

Initial batch is just small and have simple ArduPilot logo as we have here at discuss. Should be have like ArduPilot inside and so on for next batch??

T-Shirts, Hoodies: front text: “Who’s flying??”, back “ArduPilot in charge”

Mugs: “ArduPilot delivers your Coffee”

i would definitly vote for a flexfit hat!

Preflight checklist printed on a hard plastic card that can be marked with a removable marker. One for Plane, Helicopter, Multirotor and rover along with room to right notes, add additional items, and put phone numbers of local ATC Towers.

My favorite I’ve seen is Remove Pilot Before Flight keychain.

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One of these with Ardupilot on the reverse. Its from Team-Legit but I doubt they would mind sharing the idea.

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@tommal do you happen to have any good pictures of those??

@JacksonUAS yes those keyrings are coming already. We should have first test batch ready in about 1-2 weeks or so.

@healthyfatboy But yeah, Let’s make another with this even better text “Remove pilot before flight” :slight_smile: :slight_smile: that rocks. Other side we will have Ardupilot logo same as top header in here on our forums.

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@Jman841 That’s an good idea.

Calling all pilots, Calling all pilots. Start making check lists and post here. Then we can vote which is best for all.


  • 2 size A4/Letter size (final will be A4)
  • ArduPilot logo on top left corner on both sides. (same as here in header)
  • Top right we can have ArduPlane, ArduCopter, ArduRover etc logos
  • Back side empty lines with texts: Emergency:_________ , ATC:_________ , Club:______ and/or similar

What else?? Keep those ideas flow!!

I wonder if we actually should make merch category to here. Let’s see

Cool … Remove pilot before flight

  • Back side empty lines with texts: Emergency:_________ , ATC:_________ ,
    Club:______ and/or similar “Country”!

Good flights :slight_smile:


[image: --]

Leonardo Martins
[image: http://]

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Here is one idea for t-shirt we figured quickly with Philip. It’s a rough sketch but it’s a start. This is for Pixhawk 2 Autopilot.

Comments please :slight_smile:


What the picture on the right on the T shirt? Not clear at all, looks like a spider on a box?

Hey … sweet t-shirt idea …You have more t-shirt colors? I hope so … It
would be fantastic to Ardupilot back!

It’s the Pixhawk 2 picture. yes it’s not fully clear and we are looking to have it better. As said, this shirt was just quick mockup of things that we could have. If you have better ideas. Please by all means, post it in here and best ideas will be made as real stuff…

Here is one mockup of keyring that we will make small test batch this week:


@martinsleo for sure we can have multiple colors. First let’s try to make some basic drawings ready and then we can look those color things.

I would love to have a t shirt with the ardupilot logo and beneath the tag line “for once my wife is not in control” …or similar :wink:

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@RmAviation hahaha what a wonderful idea :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Perfect Jani, I would buy many of those! decent looking hats with a good fit!

i guess we are mere uav manipulator. (me: god lets hope this works spectator: what do you mean by that??!?) :smiley:

How about a plain Ardupilot sticker or transfer that you could put on your aircraft/vehicle. Perhaps in various sizes for different size aircraft etc.