Ardupilot supported Raspberry Pi versions

Hey everyone,

I’m currently exploring the possibility of using Raspberry Pi, particularly the Raspberry Pi 4, as companion computers with Ardurover.

I noticed on the Ardusub page that it mentions only the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is supported for use with the Companion Computer Software.

Does anyone know if this restriction also applies to Ardurover, or if there have been updates to support newer Raspberry Pi models? Any insights or experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

“Companion Computer Software” can refer to many different software packages: Companion Computers — Dev documentation

Given you’re talking about ArduSub, I assume you’re probably referring to the software on the BlueROV?

In that case, the BlueOS software does run on the Pi3 and Pi4: GitHub - bluerobotics/BlueOS: The open source platform for ROV, USV, robotic system operation, development, and expansion..

Actually I was thinking about Ardurover. I was thinking about if Ardurover will be compatible with Raspberry PI running ROS.

It was just the Ardusub documenation I found about Raspberry PI version limitations I found that made me doubt myself if there might be similiar ones with Ardurover. But now i understand that its only Ardusub and Companion software specific.

The rover, sub, copter and plane variants of ArduPilot are all compatible with ROS.

ArduPilot is architected such that the vast majority of code is shared. The only differences between rover, sub, copter and plane are the specific vehicle-handling functions.