Ardupilot Solo With Companion Computer Telemetry Failing

I hope this is the correct place to post this question. For a while I have been controlling the 3DR solo via a companion odroid package leveraging the Telem 2 port. I basically created a custom daughter card that adapted power and data lines to connect the odroid. However, since bricking the aircraft entirely I reloaded a previous image of the solo and updated the firmware on the cube to solo 1.5.3 found here.

However, I am no longer getting data to my application over this port. I have tested/confirmed this via mavproxy and dronekit as well. Did we lose telem 2 in this version? Somewhere did telem2 get disabled? I did reset the parameters via mission planner to be 57600, mavlink type etc.

Thoughts and any help would be appreciated.

My answer from the other forum: No reason it won’t work other than parameters. Check all the SERIAL2_ and SR2_ parameters.

Check out the post in the other forum for images showing parameters turned on.