ArduPilot-software with own flight modes does (almost) not communicate with telemetry

Dear Community,
using the ardupilot-directory including own and edited flight modes, the 3DR-telemetry connection does not work ordinary. Instead of ca. 80% connection after uploading “default” firmware, there are only up to 12% of connection after uploading my own ardupilot-fork.
Has anyone an idea to solve this problem or why it could be so?
Thank you! You would help me very much.

Eric, 80% communication means that 20% of packets are lost, that is not normal at all.
Regarding to the second part, without looking at your modifications it is impossible to tell what happens.

Thanks for reply! I only added one flight mode and edited two others (with the necessary changes in Parameters.cpp etc.)
Would it be better if I shared my fork for you?

I can help debug it.

@Eosbandi ok thank you :smile:
My fork:
edited: land, brake mode in ArduCopter; new: cansat_wait mode

What are your SR_ rates. you can use this file to do some predictions:

If it below 20% in every mode or only in your “new or modified modes” ?
Perhaps only in cansat_wait mode ?

Already when connecting the board with MP (getting params…) it is below 20%.

@Eosbandi Suddenly there are higher percentages: After connecting there are values about 70% which continuous grow up to a value about 96-98%. Do you know how to reach 100%? Furthermore, the choice of flight modes does not matter.

Another thing: In land-Mode I would like to fly not only to the ground, but also in front and right direction. Indeed, in simulation it does not work so. It is possible that you have a short look on this, too, please?