ArduPilot PID Review Tool

Hi all! I ask for your help. I can’t use this ArduPilot PID Review Tool because this message appears. What parameters should be set in the parameter sheet to record the necessary PID and RATE parameters in flight? On the screenshots of setting my parameters. Where can I find documentation on how to use this program? ArduPilot PID Review Tool
Thank you for your attention to my problem!

GCS_PID_MASK is for real time streaming to the GCS. You should be getting data with that value of log bitmask.

Can you upload the log here, I will see if I can tell what is going on.

LOG_BITMAST > Control tuning is the bit you need to set.
These files can be opened in the UAV LogViewer, but this does not work in the ArduPilot PID Review Tool.
I would like to receive comments from you about the quality of the PID setting. Do I need to repeat the AUTOTUNE setting or make a manual adjustment based on the results of the analysis with your tool?
Thank you for your attention and hard work in the development of the Ardupilot platform!

Thanks for the clarification! I’ve done this setup in all the tests.

The data is there in the log. It should be working, I will see if I can fix it.

I sent the log files of two planes. Flight Controller Firmware Version 4.2.0

It turns out I never enabled plane PIDs, currently it only works for quadplane and copter. This is because I needed to double check the units.

I have just merged a update that should enable for plane, PIDReview: enable for plane forward flight PIDs by IamPete1 · Pull Request #78 · ArduPilot/WebTools · GitHub

It should start working after a hard-reload.

It does some plots with your log but you will get better results with faster logging, also select “Fullrate Attitude”.


Great result, it works now, I see the graphs, thanks for the great work!