Ardupilot on Speedybee F7

I am a newbie who is trying to write code for autonomous flights. I have a Speedybee F7 stack which supports a stock Betaflight. I was wondering if Ardupilot can be flashed on to it. I plan to add raspberry pi as a companion computer. Could someone please help me with some pointers on that?

If that is not possible, can you give me some guidance on what would be a way to interact with the FC using MAVProxy.


Looks like its an F722 which does not have enough flash to run ardupilot

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Thank you very much for the reply. Could you please guide me to a post/build on this site or outside that is suitable for autonomous flights that can be controlled by code (c++/python). Pixhawk seems too expensive for what I want to try. I’m basically looking for the simplest build. Thank you very much.

Best bang for your buck is probably Matek H743 Slim. There are also some good AIO options from iFlight and Flywoo if that’s what you want

Can the new speedybee f7 v3 run ardupilot

It’s an F722 - not enough flash for ArduPilot

Then i will have to the f4 version